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About the Show

2016 Dates: May 10-15; July 12-17; Sept 6-11

2017 Dates: May 9-14; July 11-16, Sept 5-10

The Brimfield Antiques and Collectibles Show is many things to many people.  It is lovingly referred to by many as the “Brimfield Flea Market” (although that is not a popular term with a few of the dealers or field owners).  To some it is the “Brimfield Fair.”  To many it is just simply “Brimfield.”

But a rose by any other name would smell as sweet and regardless of what you call it, it is the largest outdoor antiques show in the world.  It takes place three times a year: May, July and September.  For the two larger shows in May and September there are 5,000-6,000 dealers and estimates for visitors range from 100,00-150,000.  What is unique about The Show is that there is no central management.  It is comprised of over 20 field owners that run individual shows with dates that overlap with each other (schedule).  Each field varies in size and flavor and has its own guidelines for admission and dealers.  Some shows charge admission on certain days while others are free all week and they all open and close at different times.  All that information can be found here at!

Click below for a colorful summary that may be helpful to a new visitor written by one of Brimfield’s many passionate dealers.

Brimfield: More than a shopping experience.

by experienced Brimfield dealer Clay Smith of Das Bulli Haus