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How big is the show?

The short answer is that it is big.  The long answer is that it runs along both sides of Route 20 for about a mile and extends a few hundred yards back. You can see a good portion of it over two full days but it will be a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes!


Why do the dates differ from year to year?

Generally the show is the week following Mothers Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. But it’s always best to verify the dates before planning your trip as they do change from year to year. We keep our site updated with the dates for the current year as well as the following year. The dates are determined by the town and the various fields open at varying days/times that week.


Does the show run all week?

The show opens on Tuesday and runs through Sunday but the different fields open on different days. Some are just open on Tuesday. Others open on Tuesday and stay open all week. Others don’t open until Wednesday or Friday. It can be confusing but our show schedule breaks it down. But there’s so much to see that there really isn’t a bad day to come. You really need two days to see most of it (technically you can’t see all of it in two days because of the way the different fields open). If you want to go on the biggest day, that would probably be Wednesday since most of the shows that open on Tuesday are open all week and a few more open on Wednesday.


Is there an admission fee?

A few fields charge admission on opening day but most do not. The ones that do also tend to stop charging later in the day when things slow down.


Are there bathrooms?

All fields are required by the town to provide porta potties. They are well maintained during the show but some do fair better than others depending on the amount of food traffic nearby and which field they are on.


Is there food available?

There is food available on most fields but the largest food court is centrally located in front of New England Motel. There is seating there and occasionally live music. There are also food vendors across the street.


Are dogs permitted?

Dogs are prohibited on many fields but well behaved leashed dogs are allowed on some fields but it’s really not the best place for pets. It can be really hot and crowded. And there are fines for leaving pets in parked cars.


Is the show stroller and/or wheel chair accessible?

Yes, strollers and wheel chairs can get around most fields fairly easily. There are a few areas of gravel that may make it difficult but most areas are hard packed. It may be difficult to maneuver within the tents but there is a lot visible from outside.


Is public transportation available to the show?

Public transportation is not widely available and is only available to Sturbridge, which is still 8 miles from Brimfield.


In what towns should I look for lodging?

Lodging close to the show (mainly in Sturbridge and a few other surrounding towns) needs to be booked far in advance.  Some up to a year or more in advance. There are sometimes cancellations which can be a great option for a last minute trip. We have a list of local lodging including B&Bs, hotels, motels and campgrounds here. It may be easier to find vacancies in Springfield (40 mins), Worcester (40 mins), Auburn (30 mins) or Hartford (45 mins). Another option might be sites like


How can I search for specific items or dealers?

There are several websites with dealer directories. However, none are complete and most are out of date. Most field owners keep their dealer lists confidential and dealers often move from field to field during the show. There is now a mobile app with a dealer directory. It is still new so it is not a complete directory of all the dealers at the show, but it seems to be catching on quickly with the dealers and has the added benefit of being updated for each show with the dealer’s exact location and photos. Dealers are able to update their location if they move to a different field during the show.


Can large items be shipped from the show?



How do I become an exhibitor or a food vendor?

This question gets asked a lot.  But since there is no central management of all the fields you would first need to determine which field you wanted to be on and contact that field owner directly.  Most of them have websites which we have compiled for you here.  They all have their own rules and requirements as well as pricing.  Some fields have reputations as being better for some types of items than others.  There’s also the different days they are open to consider.  The best thing to do is talk to experienced dealers and get their advice on a field that would be a good fit.


Are there permanent local antique shops?

Yes, there are a few in Brimfield and several more in Sturbridge.  There are also a handful in Palmer and Putnam, CT.


Still have a question?  Email us at and we will do our best to get you an answer.

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  1. Das Bulli Haus

    There is at least 2 pack and ship place that set up at the show that can help you get your stuff shipped to you, small and big. There is many dealers that are also independent haulers (like the ones you find on Uship). Dealers of big things tend to have ideas of how to get their stuff to then new owners location. Feel free to ask the dealer what ideas they have. It will help if you have a rough idea on how far you are from the show.

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