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Farmhouse Style in Brimfield

Recently, with the stratospheric popularity of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, a younger generation of customers is hitting up flea markets, antique shows and shops to find those special pieces that will add farmhouse style to their homes. For some it’s a more economical way to get the Pottery Barn look without spending Pottery Barn money. For others, they prefer pieces with character and real patina that can’t be mass produced. They aren’t necessarily collectors and they may not fill up every room in their homes with primitives from corner to corner, but they are growing in number and they are ready to shop.

Now, thanks to social media, they know that Brimfield is the place to do it!

Last year, at the July show, I had the pleasure of meeting five home decor enthusiasts who met on Instagram because of their common interest in farmhouse style decor. They were meeting in person for the first time and what better place than Brimfield?

I had so much fun shopping with them and showing them around that day. Later on I was able to see how they used the pieces they bought in their homes which I LOVE. Since then, I have enjoyed following them on Instagram and can’t wait to see the results of their 2016 shopping trip later this year.
Here are some of the treasures these talented ladies brought home from the show to style in their beautiful homes:
Tanya (@tanya.clark.home) bought this chippy green stool from my parents (@thegoodhome). I have to admit that it didn’t look that special to me when I saw it the first time, but when I saw what she did with it I was impressed!



Karen (@somewhereonmain) has a beautiful home and an amazing eye for vintage pieces. She got this simple window for a steal that day and it has moved around to a few places in her home. Here is a shot of it on her beautiful mantle.


A photo posted by Karen (@somewhereonmain) on Jul 24, 2015 at 1:02pm PDT

Sonya (@thisNthatDesignz) got an amazing deal on this sweet little trunk which turned into a perfect coffee table.


Layla (@mysunsetavenue) bought this beautiful old door. Since then she has hung different combinations of wreaths and mirrors on it, decorated it with a string of lights and moved it to a few different spots in her beautiful bungalow.


Last but not least, Katie (@driftwoodgypsy) bought these amazing mini corbels to add a little extra charm to her beautiful coastal kitchen.

A photo posted by K A T I E (@driftwoodgypsy) on Apr 16, 2016 at 4:58am PDT


I happen to be a big fan of farmhouse style, which you probably know if you follow this blog or my feed on Instagram. Even though I don’t live in a farmhouse I have found ways to add touches of it throughout my home.┬áThere really are no rules to what is or isn’t farmhouse style. Everyone has their own spin on it and it can be blended with so many other styles such as Industrial, Cottage and Modern. There is usually a focus on simplicity and evoking a feeling of warmth and nostalgia. Pieces are sturdy and functional yet beautiful and timeless.
As a result of the style’s growing popularity, ┬áreproduction farmhouse decor is a huge market and you can buy it just about anywhere you turn. But if you want the real thing, Brimfield is the place to get it.





If you love farmhouse style, what kind of pieces will you be looking for at the next show? We want to see them! Post photos to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram once you get them home!

[Brimfield Smartphone App Update: We have now added “Farmhouse” as a keyword to many of our dealers who typically have farmhouse style items to make them easier to find!]


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