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My September #brimfieldfinds

I didn’t have much time for shopping at this show, but I did manage to get out on the last day and find a few things. Someday I would love to have a job that requires me to be there to shop! I end up walking miles and miles a day and going from one end of the show to the other but I’m usually on a specific mission and it’s hard to switch focus. 

My haul is small but I love each item. My favorite is the framed silver linen label. It was too sweet to pass up. And I have been wanting a small wooden bowl to put out on the table with snacks for the girls so they can fend for themselves during the day. This one was the perfect size. The little round metal rimmed box may or may not have been stolen from my parents’ booth. That’s always my favorite place too shop because the prices are great 😉
My little Brimfield haul: framed vintage (antique?) linen label, wooden bowl,
and a small round wooden box with metal trim

I love that so many people on Twitter and Instagram share their #brimfieldfinds when they get home. It’s inspiring to see where some of the items end up, how they are styled and how much they are loved by their new owners. Here are a few I wanted to share:

Have you shared yours? I would love to see them! And please follow us on Instagram for lots of beautiful Brimfield eye-candy!


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