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September 2015 Dealer Profile: Anthony Rosa Modern

One of my favorite parts of developing the Brimfield Flea Finder app, has been meeting so many talented passionate people who love what they do. This series of Brimfield Dealer Profiles will highlight a small sample of dealers that can be found using the app. I’m thrilled to help shine a little more light on these businesses that they work so hard building and running every day.

Anthony Rosa Modern
20th-century designs and fine art, industrial, sculpture, vintage lighting and more. Central Park, site 56. Use the Brimfield Flea Finder app to find Anthony Rosa Modern at the show or his contact info between shows.

If you have been to Brimfield in recent years you have probably seen or at least walked past Anthony Rosa Modern‘s booth. Rosa is directly on Route 20 on the Central Park field (across from the food court) and specializes in mid century modern furniture and fine art. I have said this in previous posts, but I have so much respect for people who are able to focus on one style or time period. My tastes are so broad I might as well not even have any!
Anthony Rosa taking in the bustle on Route 20 from his road-side booth

Rosa’s focus is sharp and his taste is impeccable. He has been buying and selling 20th century designs and fine art for over twenty three years and selling in Brimfield for more than fifteen. He hasn’t always had such a prime location though. Rosa said he hopped around to different fields for the first few years before settling on to the Central Park field. Then he started in the back and gradually worked his way towards the front. He has been right on Route 20 for the last five or six years.

While Rosa admits Brimfield is an important part of his overall business, in some ways he actually prefers selling online. He feels that the pieces are given more consideration by clients and decorators and he is able to sell them for closer to what they are truly worth. Retail shoppers in Brimfield are often looking for dirt cheap prices after watching Flea Market Flip marathons on HGTV and wholesale customers are looking to buy inexpensively to resell. However, he says he still meets some great customers in Brimfield who will buy from him once and continue to check back with him at each show. Having such a prominent location and meeting so many customers in one place in a short period of time, also helps to drive customers to the online marketplaces where he sells. There is a wall-sized banner in his tent with the links to all the various sites where he can be found. I included the links below.

Rosa mentioned his studio in Garnerville, NY where he works on custom projects and photographs the items he sells online. When I looked online at his items I recognized many of them from his booth. 
Club chairs on
Club chairs in Brimfield
If you are in Brimfield and looking for mid century modern you don’t want to miss Anthony Rosa Modern. If you can’t make it to Brimfield or want to buy/follow him online, here are the links to his sites:

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