Ryan and Kaitlin Servant are the developers of the Brimfield Flea Finder app.

The couple both grew up in towns surrounding Brimfield, MA and the show has always been a part of their life. As teens they worked for various food vendors and would attend the show with their family and friends. After college they moved to NYC where they lived for eight years but they would return home to shop in Brimfield three times a year. In 2010 they moved back to the area to start a family and filled their first home with special pieces from the show.

By that time, Kaitlin’s parents had become dealers themselves and they spent a lot of time at their booth talking to other dealers and shoppers. It was clear that there was a need for a centralized source of information that was easily viewable on a handheld device. They combined their backgrounds in marketing, operations management and technology to develop and manage the app which they believe will change the way people shop Brimfield for years to come.